Calling all developers, motion capture experts, audio engineers, and UX designers! 

On the back of the first ever major label-sponsored hackathon we hosted in the legendary Capitol Recording Studios in Hollywood, CA on June 2-3, Capitol Music Group’s Innovation Center, Capitol360, is excited to announce it will be hosting a second Hackfest.

This 2-day Hackfest will bring together software developers, acclaimed producers, songwriters, and influencers in a challenge to incubate new waves of music-related products, services, and content that re-imagine music consumption and discovery. If you have an idea for a new Alexa skill, AR/VR immersive experience, fan engagement tool, etc. and are in need of content or artists to experiment with, our Hackathon is perfect for you.

Checkout our Gitbook Guide for API resources and thought starters. Our category challenges for December are below but all ideas at the intersection of music-tech are fair game!

  • UMG Challenge: Re-imagine ways of using emerging tech to change the music consumption & discovery process for fans (e.g. voice discovery, web3 applications in music)

  • Verizon 5G Challenge: Design and develop an immersive music experience that can only exist with 5G. Over the course of the weekend, your team will be challenged to push the boundaries of immersive music experiences. Consider the music video of the future and unique ways to integrate spatialized audio and volumetric video into music experiences. At the end of the weekend, your team should develop a proof of concept prototype that streams hi-res graphics, spatial audio, and volumetric video capture over the 5G network. Note: Participants selected for the Verizon 5G Challenge will be committing to a four-day competition. Your team will spend Thursday and Friday at RYOT’s 5G Lab to work in the motion-capture studio and Unity workstations. On Saturday, we’ll collaborate at the Capitol Tower so you can add the finishing touches to your build. Before judging happens on Sunday, we’ll test out your prototypes on Verizon’s live 5G network at a hidden location to be announced at the event.

  • Twitch Game Jam: Design and develop a gaming experience or Twitch extension at the intersection of music and augmented reality (integration of Spotify's API preferred)

Hackathon Sponsors


$16,336 in prizes

Verizon 5G Challenge

$10,000 stipend to make version 2 revisions for distribution

Twitch Challenge

100k Bits to be awarded to the winner of the Twitch category challenge

Cloudinary Challenge (2)

2 Prizes of $1068 value*
1-year Cloudinary Plus plan awards to the teams chosen for their most creative and best implementation hacks that use Cloudinary API'

ConsenSys Choice Award

5 Ethereum to be awarded to best demonstration of Web3 applications in music

TiVo Metadata Challenge (8)

8x$200 Gift Certificates to be awarded to the team(s) that makes best use of TiVo's metadata

Best Use of Qloo's API

$1000 + 1-year Qloo membership

Most creative use of the Spotify developer platform

Spotify Gift Bags

Devpost Achievements

Submitting to this hackathon could earn you:


  • Participants: Individuals (over 18 years in age)
  • Countries: United States

How to enter

To apply, submit your project proposal here by Nov 20th. The top ideas will be selected to attend our in person Hackfest on Dec 1-2. The top 5 teams selected as finalists for the Verizon 5G challenge, will be required to commit an additional 2-days rfom Nov 29-30 at RYOT’s 5G Lab to work in the motion-capture studio and Unity workstations. 

Participants will have access to a catalog of roughly 14,000 Universal Music Group and Universal Music Publishing Group pre-cleared audio streaming tracks as well as never-before-seen original content and archival assets, office hours with Capitol artists, and mentorship from veteran industry leaders and UMG’s technology partners.


McBurney Burrus

McBurney Burrus
Music Producer “Jimmy Kimmel Live”

Jimmy Jam

Jimmy Jam
R&B Record Producer

Bill Gagnon

Bill Gagnon
SVP, Business Development - UMG

Larry Marcus

Larry Marcus
Managing Director - Walden & Marcy Venture Partners

Kara Weber

Kara Weber
Founder/General Partner - Brilliant Ventures

Ann Greenberg

Ann Greenberg
Founder & CEO, Entertainment AI

Rishi Patel

Rishi Patel
MD, Plus Eight Equity Partners

Daniel Miller

Daniel Miller
XR Evangelist at Unity Technologies

Nick Osborne

Nick Osborne
VP Digital Strategy & Business Development - Capitol

Judging Criteria

    Points awarded on a scale from 1 to 10, for each of the following equally weighted criteria: (1) Creativity; (2) Usefulness; (3) Technical Depth; and (4) Integration of Sponsor’s Assets.

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